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Sleeving Products

Reflective Line Sleeve/Velcro

Line Sleeve

Reflective Line Sleeve/ Velcro Line Sleeve

Sewn Sleeve #             Velcro Sleeve #              Line Size

      2204                                  N/A                                -4

      2206                               2406 (6ft)                         -6

      2208                                 2408                               -8

      2210                                 2410                               -10

      2212                                 2412                               -12

      2216                                 2416                               -16

      2220                                 2420                               -20

   2221BDS                             N/A                   Brake Duct Sleeve 

Reflective Line Sleeves are installed on the hose prior to the fittings to ensure a close fit. The sleeves range in size to fit –4 through –20 hose. A special sleeve is also made to cover brake duct hose. All sleeves come in 12’ lengths or custom lengths except for the –20 and BDS which only comes in 12’ length.

Velcro Reflective Line Sleeve can be installed prior or after the fittings and can be removed for regular maintenance. The sleeves range in size to fit –6 through –20 and are available in 12’ lengths except for the -6 which is a 6’ length.

Self-Assemble Sleeve

Self-Assemble Sleeve

 Part #                              Description

  2313                   Self-Assemble Sleeve 1/2" x 3'

  2319                   Self-Assemble Sleeve 3/4" x 3'

  2325                    Self-Assemble Sleeve 1" x 3'

Self-Assemble Reflective Sleeves are designed to be installed on the hose after the fittings. The adhesive aluminized strip seals the sleeve around the hose. This is especially useful for racers that purchase pre-made hoses. The sleeve is easily reusable with tie-wraps. Sizes can be adjusted to accommodate different hoses.

Seamless Line Sleeve

Seamless Line Sleeve

     ID                           12' Part #                   100' Part #

    1/2"                           2508-12                          2508

    5/8"                           2510-12                          2510

    3/4"                           2512-12                          2512

      1"                            2516-12                          2516

   1 1/4"                        2520-12                          2520

   1 1/2"                        2524-12                          2524

Sewn Line Sleeves have been available in Motorsports for about 20 years. However, many customers prefer seamless line sleeve to our sewn line sleeve for smaller diameters, because in these smaller diameters the sewn sleeve must be sewn on the outside. In these diameters, the seamless sleeve not only has an appearance advantage but also a performance and strength advantage. Seamless Line Sleeve is the answer for smaller sizes of sleeve that do not require a stitch line.

Silicone Hose Sleeve - 

Fire Sleeve

Silicone Hose Sleeve- 

Fire Sleeve

    Part #                          Nom ID                           Size

   2104HP                           0.25"                               -4

   2106HP                          0.375"                              -6

   2108HP                           0.50"                               -8

   2110HP                          0.625"                             -10 

   2112HP                           0.75"                              -12

   2116HP                            1.0"                               -16

   2120HP                           1.25"                              -20

Installed on the hose prior to the fittings, the Silicone Hose Sleeve is designed to reduce the transfer of heat and protect the hose from road and track debris. The Silicone Hose Sleeve sizes range to fit –4 through –20 hose in Silver, Black and Iron Oxide (Orange). Silicone Sleeve is priced per foot and sold in 50’ and 100’ put-ups. Silicone sleeve can also be labeled with name or logo, minimums apply.

Silicone Self-Sealing Tape

Silicone Self-Sealing Tape

  Part #                       Description

   2140                        1" x 36' Black

   2142                        2" x 36' Black

   2145                        1" x 10' Black

   2141                         1" x 36' Red

   2146                         1" x 10' Red

   2147                        1" x 10' Clear

Originally developed for the military, this silicone-based repair tape is a tool box essential. It’s self-fusing and requires no adhesive because it only bonds to itself. The tape stretches to 3 times its length, conforms to irregular shapes and withstands UV rays, acids and fuels. It will not melt, even at 500°F and remains flexible to -60°F. It insulates to 8K volts – ideal for short term electrical repairs. Forms a permanent air and watertight seal – fix that leaky pipe, radiator hose or air duct. Once wrapped over itself, it forms a bond immediately, and is permanently fused in 24 hours. It is ideal for automotive, marine and home use. 

This self-vulcanizing tape is designed to wrap around ignition wire, boots, and connectors. It can also seal out moisture, while protecting wires from the harmful effects of excessive heat. The specially formulated silicone rubber vulcanizes automatically, providing adhesion when the tape surfaces make contact. This tape is an excellent alternative to applying heat shrink sleeves over insulated wire sleeving to spark plug wires.

Flex-Wire Loom

Flex-Wire Loom

   Part #                                  Description

    2760                          20', 1/8" Flex-Wire Loom

    2761                          20', 1/4" Flex-Wire Loom

    2762                          10', 1/2" Flex-Wire Loom

    2763                          10', 3/4" Flex-Wire Loom

    2764                           10', 1" Flex-Wire Loom

    2770                            1/4" Installation Tool

    2771                            1/2" Installation Tool

    2772                            3/4" Installation Tool

    2773                              1" Installation Tool

    2775-Tools            Kit (1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" Tools)

Clean up your engine compartment with the Flex-Wire Loom. The FWL is a braided material with a lateral split that allows it to open up to fit over a wiring harness or pre-assembled lines.  The FWL provides a 25% overlap that can easily cover over inline connectors and splices.  The ends can be finished with silicone self-sealing tape (Page 14). Easy routing, around the engine compartment, is accomplished by the amazing flexibility of the FWL. Unlike rigid tubing, the FWL will bend into a tight radius without distorting or splitting open. The Loom has a continuous operating temperature of -94°F to 257°F and a melting temperature of 482°F. The FWL comes in Black, but can be special ordered in Platinum Gray. Each of the diameters come in a standard length, but are also available in bulk lengths.

Reflective Connector Shield

2450  1 1/4" x 3" shield

Reflective Connector Shield

The Reflective Connector Shield is specially designed to protect your connectors from all types of heat. Engine compartment temperatures can exceed the limits of plastic connectors, sensors and critical fittings.  By shielding these connections, they will last longer, have a smaller chance of deformation, and reduce the likelihood of failure. RCS’s semi-rigid design allows the shield to maintain its shape, maximizing its ability to insulate your connections. The RCS’s design reduces the effects of radiant heat with its aluminum skin and convective heat with thick fiberglass insulation layers. In addition to electrical connections, the RCS is also great for shielding engine components that you do not want to get heat soaked by underhood temperatures, these include parts of the fuel system, injectors, fuel logs and fittings. 

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