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Who is Performance Analysis?


Performance Analysis is a privately held engineering and design firm that services the Professional Motorsports, Athletics and Automotive Aftermarket industries.  Founder Mark Whitney, a Mechanical Engineer, has over 20 years experience in motorsports and athletics safety. In the early years, Performance Analysis was a service provider of on-board computer data recording and analysis for motorsports teams from local tracks to the Daytona International Speedway.  The company's first on-board computer was purchased with the help of Mark's father.  Currently, Performance Analysis focuses on product development and consulting opportunities to increase performance and reliability in the motorsports and Athletic industries.  Giving great consideration to materials research, product design, engineering analysis and product manufacturing allows Performance Analysis to bring the highest quality products to our customers at a cost-effective price.  Company headquarters are located in Mooresville, NC (20 minutes north of Charlotte) the heart of stock car country.  North Carolina is also well known for its foam and textile industries, which provide an added technical resource from which Performance Analysis can draw from.


Founding Principle:

Performance Analysis was built on the founding principle that quality materials and engineered solutions do not have to come at an exorbitant price.  In a time where other companies are using lesser quality materials or cosmetic solutions to maximize profit margins or bandage over the real problem, we design our products using the most appropriate materials, with the product's intended purpose in mind, to produce a high quality product that meets the needs of our customers.


Made in America:

Performance Analysis has a strong commitment to do domestically sourced raw materials.  Consumers have always seen that American made products are the best designed and of the highest quality.  While some competitors have found lower priced materials arriving by boat, Performance Analysis makes the commitment 'if it's made in America, we will buy in America.

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