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Grip Products

Our Anti-Slip Safety Tape is high traction, easy to apply, super durable and waterproof with an aggressive adhesive for use indoors or outdoors. Our 2” x 60’ and 4” x 60’ Black Anti-Slip are the industry standard for commercial non-skid applications. The Red and Yellow are eye catching colors making them great for safety marking.

The tapes are made from 32 mil. thick 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide. High traction, anti-slip, waterproof, coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. For use indoors or outdoors; on walkways, ramps, stairs; in machine shops, work areas, handles, floorboards, jack-handles, pit boxes and any other surface where having a sure-foot or grip is imperative. 

Grip Tape (Sandpaper Tape)

Grip Tape (Sandpaper Tape)

 Part #                                        Description

  2052                                        2" by 60' Black

2052-YEL                                 2" by 60' Yellow

2052-RED                                  2" by 60' Red

  2054                                       4" by 60' Black

2054-YEL                                4" by 60' Yellow

2054-RED                                  4" by 60' Red

Ultra-Grip Tape 

(Rubberized Tape)

Ultra-Grip Tape 

Part #                       Description

 2060                        1" by 15' Tape

 2062                 6" by 7" Sheet (3 sheets)

* One roll (1" by 15') of Ultra-Grip Tape will cover

one steering wheels. 

Ultra-Grip Tape is a soft, adhesive backed gripping material designed for peel and stick applications. UGT offers abrasion and puncture resistance and performs across a broad range of temperatures ranging from -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 71°C) indoors and outdoors, even underwater. A 3M pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds to a wide variety of surfaces, including hard-to-bond-to surfaces such as plastics, powder coated paints, and lightly oiled metals. Thousands of gripping “nubs” offer the ability to grip lighter and hold tighter. Works in dry, wet and oily conditions. Applications include Steering Wheels, Jack Handles and Pit Guns.  

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