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Fabricated Products

Performance Analysis Shifter Boots feature a carbon outer-shell and an aluminized inner material and meet the SFI Foundation’s set of minimum standard specification for shifter boots used in motorsports. They have flame-retardant Hook and Loop and are double sewn with Kevlar/Stainless Steel thread.

In 2008, NASCAR required a new shifter boot, for their national series, with improved flame resistance, strength and heat resistance. In response we introduced a new version of the Shifter boot with CarbonX Ripstop outer shell material. This material provides for a stronger boot at a lower price. There are common sizes in stock and custom sizes can be made.

The throttle linkage requires a hole through the firewall. The base of the witches’ hat is secured to the firewall and the tower of the hat runs along the linkage toward the engine. The witches’ hat is made with a flame retardant outside and reflective materials inside. The linkage is able to move freely with no binding. A fabricated piece may be required to hold the hat to the firewall.

Shifter Boots

Shifter Boots

  Part #                       Description

 2022 SSB             Small Base (Ripstop)

 2033 SLB             Large Base (Ripstop)

2029 Mini               Smaller Cockpits

2029 SIMP               Large Tent Style

   2025                         Witches' Hat

 2025-CX       Witches' Hat CarbonX Ripstop

Heel Boots

Heel Boots

 Part #                         Description

2030HP         Heel boot with thick rubber plate

2031HP                  Full length heel boot

This boot is made to protect the driver’s heel from the heat. The boot is made with crush resistant insulation for longer life. The Velcro strap will keep the heel boot attached to the driver’s foot throughout the race and to prevent slippage, a rubber pad provides traction.

Rotor Covers

Rotor Covers

 Part #                       Description

  4001               Gray silicone outer shell

  4002                  Reflective outer shell

Hub and Rotor covers are made from high-temp silicone coated cloth and filled with insulation, to protect your arms and chest from the hot rotors and calipers. They also protect your hands from scrapes and bruises. Hub and Rotor Covers come in gray silicone and reflective silver outer shell.


 Part #                  Description

 4120                Flex-Shield 7" x 24"

 4122                Flex-Shield LS Style


The Flex-Shield™ is designed to be a general purpose reflective wrap to shield and protect heat sensitive components. These components include the starter, ignition boxes, distributor, master cylinders, etc. Made with high-quality fiberglass backed reflective material, the Flex-Shield™ is easy to install. The hook and loop closures are high temperature/flame retardant materials sewn in place with Kevlar/Stainless-Steel thread. The overall size of the Flex-Shield™ is 7”x24”, which can be cut to length. The Flex-Shield™ LS Style is designed for the starters on LS Style Engines.  The form-fit design works well in tight engine compartments.



  Part #                            Desciption

   4130                        Flex-Blanket 36" x 40"

   4131              Flex-Blanket 36" x 40" with adhesive

 4130-50               Flex-Blanket 40" x cut to length

   4360                       Mini Flex-Blanket 12" x 40"

   4361           Mini Flex-Blanket 12" x 40" with adhesive

The Flex-Blanket™ is a radiant and conductive heat shield. Made from woven fiberglass laminated to an aluminum reflective surface the Flex-Blanket™ is ideal for use on floors, firewalls and other areas that require reflective shielding. The blanket’s unique structure reflects 95% of infrared heat and offers an efficient high temperature barrier material with superior durability. The Flex-Blanket™ is applied with high temperature adhesives or physical attachment methods.  

Flex-Removable Sleeve

Flex-Removable Sleeve

Part #                                    Description

2430   Flex-Removable sleeve 3/8" - 1/2" nominal diameter

2431   Flex-Removable sleeve 1/2" - 7/8" nominal diameter

2433 Flex-Removable sleeve 7/8" - 1 3/8" nominal diameter

2436   Flex-Removable sleeve 1 1/2" - 2" nominal diameter

Continuing the theme of our “Flex” Line, we have introduced the removable sleeve.  These sleeves have hook and loop fastening sewn in place with Kevlar/ Stainless Steel thread. The sleeves come in 4 diameters and are 40” nominal length.  These sleeves are perfect for pre-assembled hoses or applications that need some extra thermal protection when the situation does not allow for the hoses system to be removed in order to add the reflective sleeving. 

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