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Electrical and Ignition Products

Spark Plug Boots

Spark Plug Boots

Color                             Single                         8-Pack

Natural                              2620                                2620-8

Black                                  2623                                2623-8

Red                                     2621                               2621-8

Blue                                    2633                               2622-8

Yellow                                 2624                               2624-8

Chevy Orange                   2625                               2625-8

Volcano                              2629                               2629-8

Purple                                2630-PR                         2630-PR-8

Neon Green                      2630-GR                         2630-GR-8

Dual-Tone                          2630-DT                          2630-DT-8

These boots are designed to protect the spark plug wire and boot from damage due to the exhaust heat. They will also provide some protection to the wires if they come loose from the harness and lay on exhaust components. These two layers of fiberglass help insulate and protect wires from temperatures up to 1200ºF.

LS, Viper 8" Spark

Plug Boots

LS, Viper 8" Spark Plug Boots

Color                             Single                         8-Pack

Natural                               2626V                            2626V-8

Red                                     2626VR                          2626VR-8

Blue                                    2626VB                          2626VB-8

Black                                   2627V                            2627V-8

Volcano                              2629V                            2629V-8

For the LS, Viper and other engine configurations that have short plug wires and per cylinder coil packs, the 8” no-ring boots are the best option. They do a great job protecting the plug wires and boots from thermal damage.

Plug Wire Silicone


Plug Wire Silicone Over-Sleeve

    Part #                                           Description 

 2160-Black                          25' Black coil over-sleeve

 2160-Red                              25' Red coil over-sleeve

 2160-Blue                            25' Blue coil over-sleeve

2160-Yellow                        25' Yellow coil over-sleeve

Installed on the wire prior to the boots, the over-sleeve increases the thermal protection of the wire and increases dielectric strength to prevent crossfire and arcing. The Silicone Over-Sleeve comes in 25’ lengths and fits up to 9mm wire.

Shrink Sleeve & Number Sleeve

    Part #                                  Description

2170-Black              Plug Wire Shrink Sleeve - Black 

 2170-Red                 Plug Wire Shrink Sleeve - Red

2170 Blue                 Plug Wire Shrink Sleeve - Blue

2173-Black               18 Pack Shrink Sleeve - Black

 2173-Red                  18 Pack Shrink Sleeve - Red

2173-Blue                 18 Pack Shrink Sleeve - Blue

Shrink Sleeve and

Number Sleeve

Shrink Sleeves & Number Sleeves are installed on the wire after the Silicone Over-Sleeve to complete the wire and eliminate another path for spark leakage. The sleeves are customizable with lettering or logos in white or gold. The Shrink Sleeves come in bulk or packaged 18 to a pack. Packaged Shrink Sleeves also include cylinder numbers. 2” length with/without logo.

Wire Coordinators

Wire Coordinators

 Part #                                    Description 

  7108                     8mm Wire Coordinators (50 pack)

 7108-8                   8mm Wire Coordinators (8 pack)

  7110                    10mm Wire Coordinators (50 pack)

 7110-8                  10mm Wire Coordinators (8 pack)

A Wire Coordinator holds two wires to direct the routing away from the headers and other obstructions. Wire Coordinators come in two sizes to work with sleeved and non-sleeved wire. They are packaged 8 to a pack or in bulk.

Weather Pak Electrical Connectors

Weather Pak Connectors are great to guard against harsh environments. Every terminal is indexed to prevent mismatching and is fully isolated to prevent shorting. The pins snap securely into the housing and as a secondary locking feature, the housings feature a hinged back lock to keep the pins and seals in place. 

Performance Analysis offers the full line of Weather Pak Connectors and tools. There are the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 pin connectors, which come in 18-20 gauge and 14-16 gauge. For the MSD ignition boxes and other power leads, the 2 pin connector in the 10-12 gauge is a must have item. In addition to the extractor tool, the line also includes the Budget and “Pro Tool” crimping tools. 

Weather Pak connectors and accessories are available in retail packaging, Assortment Box, and bulk packed. The tools are sold individually.

Weather Pak Electrical Connectors

  Pin          18-20 Gauge            14-16 Gauge        10-12 Gauge

 1-Pin             7401                            7501         

 2-Pin             7402                            7502                     7602

 3-Pin             7403                            7503

 4-Pin             7404                            7504

 5-Pin             7405                            7505

 6-Pin             7406                            7506


Budget Tool        7410

Extractor Tool     7411

"Pro Tool"            7412

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