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Floor Mats and Vibration Dampening

Thermal Floor Mats

Thermal Floor Mats

       Part #                                                   Size

      4203HP                                    18" x 22" Heel Plate

       4204                                        18" x 36" Heel Plate

       4205                                              Trans Tunnel       

       4206                                          LM Mat Heel Plate

       4211                                                   8" x 12" 

       4212                                                  10" x 18"

       4213                                                  18" x 18"

       4214                                                  18" x 24"

       4215                                                  24" x 24"

       4216                                                  24" x 36" 

       4217                                                  18" x 36"

       4218                                                  24" x 10"

       4219                                                  24" x 12"

Floor Mats are made to protect the driver from heat off the floorboards. Exhaust heat coming through the floorboards can burn a driver or lead to driver fatigue in long events. These floor mats utilize a 3-layer structure to provide maximum protection from the heat. The top layer is a silicone coated fiber-glass material that increases thermal protection while providing a long wearing surface. The core of the floor mat is a fiber insulation selected to withstand far greater temperatures than it will receive in the racecar. The bottom layer is a reflective fiberglass laminate that also provides a moisture barrier for the rest of the floor mat. The mats come standard with grommets for attachment. Options for the mats include the addition of a rubber heel plate or snaps being exchanged for the grommets.

SS Max (Sound Suppression Max)

SS Max ( Sound Suppression Max)

       Part #                                     Size

        5401                               12" x 12" (2 pack)

        5402                               12" x 12" (4 pack)

        5403                               12" x 12" (8 pack)

        5411                               12" x 24" (6 pack)

        5412                               12" x 24" (10 pack)

        5413                               12" x 24" ( 20 pack)

        5415                                Bulk Roll 42 sq. ft.

        5420                             2" x 100" SS Max Tape

        5421                          Roller 1 1/4" SS Max Roller


SS Max is a simple and effective solution for eliminating squeaks, rattles, vibrations and other unwanted noises. It is constructed of a rubber-based (visco-elastic) polymer layer with an aluminum outer surface, SS Max’s strong adhesive backing is unaffected by extreme hot and cold temperatures (-30° to 400° F), is corrosion resistant and can be applied to metals, painted areas, plastic, fiberglass, automotive coatings and other difficult to bond surfaces. The strong adhesive backing means it can be applied in horizontal, vertical, inverted and complex surfaces. 

Application is easy, simply trim to desired size and shape, peel the backing and apply. SS Max comes in kit sizes to fit any installer’s needs. To make the installation complete, we also offer 2” wide SS Max tape. This tape will seal any seam and provide a professional appearance. 

SS Max is an engineered product designed to provide the maximum sound and vibration dampening while adding the minimum weight and thickness.

* Maintains adhesion from –30° to 400°F
* Low frequency dampening
* Mid and High frequency barrier
* Contributes to heat reduction
* Bonds to irregular and contoured surfaces
* No surface prep required
* Easily cut to size with heavy scissors
* Peel and stick application

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