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Foams and Polymers

Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Part #                            Size                              Color

6412 P8                 3/4" x 18" x 20"                    Pink

6518 GR8              3/4" x 18" x 20"                    Blue

6520 G8                 3/4" x 18" x 20"                  Green

6550                      3/4" x 18" x 20"               Non-Halogenated FR (soft)

6555                      3/4" x 18" x 20"               Non-Halogenated FR (med)

6559                      3/4" x 18" x 20"               Non-Halogenated FR (firm)                          

Memory Foam is designed to dissipate impact and provide pressure relief. These ¾” thick sheets are available in soft, medium and firm. These foams are fire rated as Self-Extinguishing. Other sizes (1/2” and 1”) are also available upon request. Non-Halogenated Flame retardants are a safer, non toxic, inorganic set of compounds used to provide flame retardancy.  

Door Pad Foam

Door Pad Foam

Part #                                Size

6610-4                    1/2" x 20" x 39"

6620-4                      1" x 20" x 39"

This is special light-weight foam that is firm enough to absorb impact on leg braces and door pads, but is soft enough to cushion for low speed impacts. This foam is fire rated Self-Extinguishing.

Tuff Black Foam

Tuff Black Foam

   Part #                                        Size

    6704                                    1/4" x 3' x 4'

    6708                                    1/2" x 3' x 4'

    6712                                    3/4" x 3' x 4'

    6716                                      1" x 3' x 4'

Soft Roll Bar Padding

    Part #                          Color

   40202-1                          Red

   40206-1                          Blue

   40209-1                         Black

Soft Roll Bar Padding

This is a very popular multi-use foam that can be used in the seat for comfort padding as well as on leg braces.

Soft Roll Bar Padding is a staple safety product for circle track racers. Performance Analysis researched to find the highest quality soft roll bar padding in the industry. The grain structure and color quality of the padding provides superior impact dissipation and excellent appearance. This padding is sold in case quantity (40 pieces).

Hard Roll Bar Padding

Hard Roll Bar Padding

    Part #                             Color

    40210                       Black, non-SFI

    40213                          Black, SFI

    40215                         Black, Mini

Hard Roll bar padding is designed to dissipate the impact of the driver’s head into the roll bar. They exceed minimum standards for impact dissipation and do not melt or drip when subjected to fire. These pads have a smooth surface finish and include details that aid in installation. The padding will fit roll bars 1 ½ to 1 ¾ inch. The padding is priced per piece and sold in case quantity (35 pieces).

Impact Dissipating Polymer Seat Padding

Impact Dissipating Polymer Seat Padding

     Part #                                        Description

      5012                              Base - 17" wide x 19.5" deep

      5020                                  Back - 12" wide x 22" tall

      5030                                Rib - 1 piece fits either side

      5031                              Thigh - 1 piece fits either side

      5032                 Roll custom installation (27" x 62" x 5/16"

    5034-W                         W - Shaped base for 6 point belts

Polymer Seat Padding will reduce vibrations, dissipate impact to reduce injuries and conform to the body to help reduce muscle fatigue and increase circulation. It is used by more professional drivers than any other padding of its kind. This padding is designed to fit most racing seats.  

What Drivers are saying:
“I was skeptical at first, but after using this polymer padding, I stayed cool and a lot more comfortable.  I wasn’t tired at the end of the race.  That was the first Monday, ever, that I woke up without a backache.”  Todd Bodine, 2006 & 2010 Camping World Truck Series Champion


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